Harvest Preserve is Born!

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Front Cover & Elderflower

Sometimes projects take longer than expected. They unfold as they do and patience is tried. And thank goodness for that! It reminds me to stay humble and ‘right-sized’ and trust the steps along the way. A task I am surprised by again and again.

With all of that said I sure am thankful and glad that my new herbal zine, Harvest Preserve, is complete and printed. This zine idea was planted over 1 year ago with illustrator Maureen Walrath. On a whim I asked a friend if they knew any plant loving illustrators. Soon thereafter Mo and I were on the phone (we live in different states) creating an accessible and beautiful collection of one of my tried and true herbal classes. Eberhardt Press in Portland, OR offset printed the zine using a full color cover and duotone for the interior. Enthusiastic reviews have been rolling in!

Harvest Preserve details the use of locally procured menstruums for herbal medicine making. Those are honey, vinegar, fermentation and animal fats. Two plant monographs cover Bee Balm and Anise Hyssop. Gorgeous hand drawn illustrations are sprinkled throughout. A commentary on social media and wild plant use closes the zine.

Ordering Info

Locals and wholesale inquiries please Contact me to arrange payment and delivery.

Need it shipped? Order Here

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Tying Herb Bundles for Drying


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Maureen & Jess




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