Upcoming Online Classes

BLOOM Online Herbal Classes hosted by the Wild Ginger Community Herbal Center

People, Plants, Land, Liberation, Birth & Beyond

I have two upcoming online classes that are part of a year long series with many diverse and knowledgable herbal teachers. Each monthly subscription gives you live or recorded access to a months worth of classes (6-8 total). Register Here

November 3rd 6-8pm Eastern Time

Herbal Kids: Winter Foundations with Jess Katherine

Together we will explore tried and true strategies and herbal remedies for kids (and their adults) holistic winter health. Our focus will be on nourishing kitchen recipes, kid-friendly herbs: their energetics and best applications, as well as safety and suggested dosing. We will cover herbal infused bone broth soup making, easy herbal syrups, and other supportive and nurturing tools for wellness.

December 15th 6-8pm Eastern Time

Herbal Pregnancy, Birth & Postpartum with Jess Katherine

Pregnancy, childbirth and the postpartum time are a transition like no other! For ages people have found support, relief and nourishment from herbs during this time. We will cover themes such as safety, common pregnancy discomforts, herbal nutrition and postpartum care for the birth giver. Instead of an approach that just lists herbs for various “conditions” we will explore well rounded suggestions for integrative and nourished care.

Garden grown Calendula Flowers

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