Winter Herbal Foundations Class

✨Winter Herbal Foundations Recorded Video Class – Now Available✨ Class Outline✨Whole Person Wellness & Seasonality✨How to Herbal Bone & Veggie Broth✨Kitchen Medicine: Soup & Spices✨Herbal Energetics for a Winter Woes✨I’ve taught this class in person and live virtually over the last several years. I recorded this video for easy home viewing & listening. Simple, practicalContinue reading “Winter Herbal Foundations Class”

Upcoming Online Classes

BLOOM Online Herbal Classes hosted by the Wild Ginger Community Herbal Center People, Plants, Land, Liberation, Birth & Beyond I have two upcoming online classes that are part of a year long series with many diverse and knowledgable herbal teachers. Each monthly subscription gives you live or recorded access to a months worth of classesContinue reading “Upcoming Online Classes”

Harvest Preserve Audio Class

Hello friends, While the plants in the North are now asleep under a few inches of snow – it’s one of my favorite times of year to keep learning about plants! I love catching up on new books and zines and maybe snuggling in to a good podcast or two. Two years ago, a classContinue reading “Harvest Preserve Audio Class”

Kitchen Recipe: Herbal Vinegar

  Perhaps for thousands of years humans have been purposely, and sometimes accidentally, fermented sugars and starches into vinegar. Vinegar, used in food and herbal preservation and given its accompanying health benefits, is an important part of the home herbalists tool box. Vinegar is excellent for preserving nutritive herbs as it extracts minerals such asContinue reading “Kitchen Recipe: Herbal Vinegar”

Harvest Preserve is Born!

Sometimes projects take longer than expected. They unfold as they do and patience is tried. And thank goodness for that! It reminds me to stay humble and ‘right-sized’ and trust the steps along the way. A task I am surprised by again and again. With all of that said I sure am thankful and gladContinue reading “Harvest Preserve is Born!”

Spring Bitters

Bitter herbs taste bitter. They stimulate the bitter taste buds on the tongue which then trigger reflexes of the nervous system enlivening the entire digestive tract. Starting in the mouth and moving throughout the digestive system these reflexes increase digestive secretions, saliva, enzymes, bile, acids and hormones. Bitters also strengthen, tone and heal the mucosaContinue reading “Spring Bitters”

Planting the Future: Medicinal Plant Conservation in the Driftless Region

Join us in high summer at the Kickapoo Valley Reserve in LaFarge, WI for a day long conference all about medicinal plant conservation! United Plant Savers’ mission is to protect native medicinal plants of the United States and Canada and their native habitat while ensuring an abundant renewable supply of medicinal plants for generations toContinue reading “Planting the Future: Medicinal Plant Conservation in the Driftless Region”