Classes & Workshops

I offer herbal classes in the Viroqua, WI area, and historically within the Great Lakes Bioregion.

Audio Recording: Local Menstruums: Preserving the Herbal Harvest from the 2017 Great Lakes Herb Faire


Herbal Education Class Topics

  • Herbal Medicine Making: Build a Home Apothecary
  • Herbs and Kids: Remedies for Common Childhood Illness
  • Winter Wellness: Foundational Care
  • Harvest & Preserve: Backyard Medicine
  • Sweet Herbs: Oxymels, Honey, Pastilles and Syrups
  • Herbal Bitters
  • Kitchen Spices for Wellness
  • Medicinal Soups and Nourishing Broths
  • Plant ID Walks
  • Herbal Cooking
Herbal Soups and Broths Class

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“Highest regards and just kicked some major ruckus on my first batch of beef bone broth…  I envision wellness by the cup as I enjoyed it last night! What a great class it was – you made it SUPER approachable.” Shana, Class attendee


2 thoughts on “Classes & Workshops

  1. Hi Jess,

    I was just enjoying your interview on herbrally. The event you are hosting this summer, I could not find it on your website. I was wondering specifically when and where will the lovely camping, harvesting, star gazing trip be?

    Thank you,


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